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When I started Lindy Hop in Los Angeles back in 1998, the excitement and thrill of learning this new dance was like an addictive new drug. I was thrown terms such as Savoy style and Hollywood style. Then I was introduced to my first vintage clips. I noticed there was a difference between what people […]

A long, long time ago, in a Balboa Scene far far away… Actually, it was a decade ago. The growing Balboa scene was full of young, hopeful and enthusiastic…(well let’s face it)…dance geeks. Through a combination of home movie footage from Bobby McGee’s, old movies such as “Start Cheering” and the Venice Beach Clip, combined […]

John Mills passed away this last Friday at 3am.  He and his wife Ann Mills have been great mentors and inspirations for the newer generations of dancers.  He was a friend that will be greatly missed. Although we know him as a lindy and swing dancer, he was best known for being a hoofer in […]

Nick Williams
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