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  It’s a new year, which means new competitions and routines.  Find out the Pro’s secrets to competing with this video.

For someone like me who is constantly on the go and who travels like I do, a steady diet is near impossible. I find myself picking food based on the time I have and choosing the lesser of the evils. Not to mention my love affair with food and desserts. Don’t judge me. In college […]

Here is Part 1 of my project to recreate the famous umbrella scene from “Singin’ in the Rain” live on stage. Part 2 will involve me training in the many dance forms while learning and training the choreography form the movie…among the many other challenges I run up against.

During a show in Gothenburg, Sweden, I unknowingly did the best hat trick of my life.  I threw the hat behind me and as I start to go into the Swingout, the audience starts going crazy.  I was thoroughly confused because, although Swingouts are awesome, that part of the routine did not warrant a huge […]

When I started Lindy Hop in Los Angeles back in 1998, the excitement and thrill of learning this new dance was like an addictive new drug. I was thrown terms such as Savoy style and Hollywood style. Then I was introduced to my first vintage clips. I noticed there was a difference between what people […]

Inspired by a recent Facebook thread, I decided to post an article on this topic that deserves more focus. Defining a dance is not a new concept. It’s a long and distinguished subject that people spend years in school studying. Defining is “any process serving to describe the shape of something”. What better way to […]

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